Special FX invents, manufactures, & guarantees the widest variety of long life color lighting products in the world.

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How FX® serves, save time, money, & hassles
Color selection guide
for specifying colors
FX® Worldwide Projects
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EZ Glass High Temp Performance Lenses
Color Correction Lenses
Accurate Kelvin matches
Dichro-X™ Lenses
Award winning lenses
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Theatrical & Cyclorama lenses of all types
 Dichroic lenses
all types & sizes
FX®  UV block 
img_2583 multi-tubes
all types, sizes, & colors
all types, sizes, & colors
 Fade•Not® Poly Sleeves all types, sizes, & colors
Fade-Not® Gel
High performance films
MR-16 & Par lens holders
Metal fabrication
snoots & stand-offs

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For almost two decades Special FX® has been creating unique products for lighting professionals. Working closely with the world's top lighting designers, FX® creates a large assortment of practical, cost effective, and unique tools for the creative lighting designer. Special FX® has handled some of the biggest and most complex award-winning projects in the world.  Here at Special FX®, our Number 1 priority is the successful completion of the lighting designer's vision.

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