EZ-GLASS™ theatrical lenses are heat resistant colors on heat strengthened glass for indoor or weather shielded outdoor environments.

DICHRO-X™ theatrical lenses are usually specified for saturated colors, narrow to medium beam spotlights and hotter fixtures. Dichro-X™ features high heat resistance/high transmission.

DICHRO-SHIELD™ is made for cyc and other types of wide angle lights to end costly color maintenance. FX theatrical products are specified on many touring and long run Broadway and themed entertainment shows. FX products dramatically reduce or even eliminate color maintenance & the associated high costs.

  FX produces hundreds of thousands of lenses for the new generation of high performance spotlights    
  FX products end color maintenance with practical economical solutions for all types of theatrical/commercial lights   These 75watt MR-16 powered strip lights have been permanently colored with FX DICHRO-X Glass  
  Theatrical lights may use Fade-Not high performance X-Film™ to increase life by up to thirty times normal life   These 150watt par 38 type fixtures can use Fade-Not Gel for a year or more of maintenance free color true performance, or use EZ GLASS and forget maintenance  
  High performance PAR-type light fitted with an FX DICHRO-X lens   The FX Dichro-shield reduces IR, makes even ordinary gel last much longer.
Use with Fade-Not gel or EZ-Glass™ for highest possible performance
   Dichro-shield brings brighter colors, higher transmission—click the spec sheet link at the bottom of the page for details   These 1k cyc strips are fitted with FX® Dichro-shields & EZ-GLASS™ lenses for years of maintenance free performance back stage at Venus Fort, Tokyo, Japan  
  This beautiful scene is the front stage view of the preceding backstage cyc picture at Venus Fort, Tokyo, Japan   Dichro-X is the specified product warranted for 3 years for these zip strip fixtures, however, EZ Glass will still by  far outlast any gel for the money  

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