Special FX invents, manufactures, and guarantees the widest variety of permanent color lighting products in the world. FX gives creative lighting designers the ability to specify any color desired, no matter what medium or substrate, to create great, permanent color lighting with almost any instrument or fixture.

FX manufactures the Most Cost Effective Product For all Applications.

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  Special FX® co-founder Robin DuCrest, accompanied here by diplomat Melville Blake, was invited to the White House where FX® completed a special project    


Historical Sites and Museums
• Jefferson Memorial-Washington DC
• 90th Street Bridge-Seattle, WA.
• Space Needle-Seattle, WA
• Guggenheim Museum-Las Vegas, NV
• LA City Museum-Los Angeles, CA
• Lincoln Memorial-Washington DC
• King TUT Exhibit-National Tour
• Bridge of the Americas-Panama
• VA Hospital-Miami, FL
• Abraham Lincoln Museum-Springfield, IL
• America West Arena-Phoenix, AZ
• Ford Museum-Detroit, MI
• Museum of Science & Industry-Chicago, IL
• Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital-Nashville, TN
• St. Louis Planetarium-St. Louis, MO
• Texas Wild Zoo-Ft. Worth, TX
• Center of Science/Industry-Columbus, OH
• Clark Memorial Bridge-Louisville, KY
• Port Columbus Museum-Columbus, GA
• Sony Plaza-New York, NY
• Denver Airport-Denver, CO
• B Bullock/Texas History Museum-Austin, TX
• Field Museum of Natural History-Chicago, IL

  Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC
Correction, EZ-Glass™, Dichro-X™ Lenses

Theme Parks and Other Attractions
• Tokyo Disney Sea Park-Tokyo, Japan
• Star Trek, The Experience-Las Vegas, NV
• Universal Studios Imax-Universal City, CA
• Teen Mania-Lindale, TX
• Venus Fort-Tokyo, Japan
• Sony Metreon-San Francisco, CA
• Legoland-Carlsbad, CA
• Hogle Zoo-Salt Lake City, UT
• Fourth Street Live-Louisville, KY
• NJ Aquarium-Camden, NJ
• Wanna Do-Sunrise, FL

Hotels and Casinos
• Mohegan Sun/Wombi Planetarium
• The Clift Hotel-San Francisco, CA
• Motor City Casino-Detroit, MI
• Bellagio-Las Vegas, NV
• Caesar's Palace-Las Vegas, NV
• Morongo Casino Resort & Spa-CA
• Grand TriBeCa Hotel-New York, NY

  Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Show "O" Theater, EZ-Glass™
and Dichro-X™ Lenses

Businesses, Stores, and Restaurants
• Bank of Quebec-Quebec, Canada
• Macy's Las Vegas-Las Vegas, NV
• Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium Stores-PA
• TGIF Fridays-most locations
• Toys R Us-New York, NY
• The Forum Shops-Las Vegas, NV
• The Gap-New York, NY
• Nordstrom's-Nationwide
• Dolphin Mall-Miami, FL
• New 42nd Street-New York, NY
• The Original Levi's Store-Seattle, WA
• Gameworks-Las Vegas, NV
• Hallmark Kaleidescope-Kansas City, MO
• American National Insurance-Galveston, TX
• Marshall Fields Store-Chicago IL
• Victorias Secret Stores-Nationwide

Broadway and Theater
• Mamma Mia-New York, Boston, San Francisco, Australia
• Lion King-New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Berlin
• Cirque du Soliel-Las Vegas, NV
• The Producers-New York, NY
• King Henry-New York, NY
• CATS-Touring

  Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Correction, EZ glass™, Dichro-X™ Lenses, Fade-Not® Gel
  New York, New York Hotel, Las Vegas, NV EZ-Glass™ Lenses   90th Street Bridge, Seattle WA
Dichro-X™, EZ Glass™ Lenses
  Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Dichro-X™, EZ Glass™ Lenses
  Sega Gameworks Las Vegas, NV
Fade-Not Gel, Poly sleeves,
Dichro-X™ Lenses
  St.Louis Planetarium, St. Louis, MO
Fade-not Polycarbonate Lenses
  Toys-R-Us, New York City
Fade-Not Poly Sleeves
  MGM Hotel Las Vegas, NV.
Fade-not Poly Sleeves, Gel
  UNLV, Las Vegas, NV
Dichro-X™, EZ-Glass™ Lenses
  Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV.
Dichro-X™, EZ-Glass™, Fade-Not Gel
  Venus Fort, Tokyo, Japan (backstage)
Theater, Cyc, EZ-Glass™ Dichro-X™ Lenses
  Venus Fort, Tokyo, Japan (front view)
Cyc, EZ-Glass™, Dichro-X™ Lenses

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