Fade•Not Poly Sleeves are manufactured using the highest quality rigid polycarbonate material available. Special FX uses an exclusive permanent coating process to chemically bond colors to the tube.

UV block is inherent in the coating process; therefore a separate UV filter is not required. Fade•Not Poly Sleeves are warranted for five years, the same length of time that the poly tube itself is guaranteed!

  Fade•Not Poly Sleeves are available in hundreds of colors; T-5, T-8, and T-12.
Color is guaranteed permanent
  Fade•Not Poly Sleeves are easy to install. No gel type rolling, no need for extra tubes or UV protection; all colors are UV blocked   The flagship Toys R Us store in NYC. Many FX products are represented here including Fade•Not® Poly Sleeves  
  Higher transmission, crystal clear color. Fade•Not® Poly Sleeves have evolved over the years, a process of continuous improvement   FX custom cuts Fade•Not® Poly Sleeves for use on most types of biax and compact fluorescent lamps  

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