EZ-Glass™ Lenses are higher performance products—invented & manufactured by Special FX®—for those higher temperature applications where color accuracy is an important consideration.

• 20% higher temperature rating than original FX® Fade•Not glass
• Most sizes of tempered and  thermal shock resistant  glass available
• Most types of heat strengthened glassware can be coated
• Most practical, cost effective method for semi-permanently coloring glass
• Any color may be specified using standard gel numbers or sample
• Any color: combination, sample or Kelvin temperature can be matched
• Specify Theatrical EZ-Glass™ (dry locations) or Architectural EZ-Glass™ (wet locations)
• Fastest service and delivery of custom colors and filters available

  EZ-Glass™ can be used directly on the main fixture lens of lower wattage fixtures like this Bega 175 watt    
  Altman Outdoor 575W Par 64 with Altman color filter holder snoot fitted with an Architectural EZ-Glass™ color filter   FX® Architectural EZ GLASS™ outdoor lenses are manufactured in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors  
  Architectural EZ GLASS™ color filter, durable even in the most severe conditions   To protect UL ratings, ballast, lamp, and color filter life, higher wattage fixtures may require a simple standoff (click Metal Fabrication in the sidebar menu for info)  
   Many manufacturers now offer color lens holder options, like this Northstar Contrast   FX® urges all designers to specify the new ceramic metal halide lamps for most accurate color rendering  
  Single pane EZ GLASS™ can be specified for all indoor and protected outdoor environments (click theater/cyc section)   90th Street Bridge in Seattle lit with blue Architectural EZ-Glass™ Lenses
  The roof of the Bellagio Hotel is fitted with 2k Northstar fixtures/standoffs with Architectural EZ-Glass™ specified Kelvin color correction  

Popular cyclorama lights are specified for both theatrical & commercial environments. Specifying EZ-Glass& ends color maintenance with the most practical, cost effective glass lenses available


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