Special FX can match any color number from any typical gel number, or number combination. This number can be matched in any FX media including our award winning Dichro•X, EZ Glass, and Fade•Not® polycarbonate, light bulbs and poly sleeves. To get just the look you want, FX suggests mocking up part of your design using standard theatrical gel. FX will match these colors to the designer's complete satisfaction, guaranteed!

Diffusion, Cine Filters
FX can match diffusion, color correction and other specialty filters. Complete spectral analysis is available on all FX filters.

UV Block
UV Block is available for all fixtures. Standard FX  Fade•Not® UV blocks 99% @ 400 NM.  This UV Block is specified for all plastics and cooler running fixtures.

Hot mirror and colored dichroics. Call for limitations and details.

Lamp Selection
The new ceramic halide lamps give an outstanding color performance across the spectrum. We recommend HIR lamps in lieu of regular halogen whenever possible for cooler temperatures on the color filter.  Refer to the 'Color Effects & Lamp Selection' guide provided courtesy of Kim Lighting. To view the PDF file (76KB) click on the link above.



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